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Q: What are buttonera's values?

A: buttonera believes in providing only the best high quality jewellery inspired by our Sardinian roots. We want to provide jewellery with personality that connects with our customers.


Q: Where is buttonera's collection manufactured?

A: All of the pieces that buttonera delivers to our loyal customers are made in Sardinia, Italy. Even the jewellery pouches that our jewellery items are come with are made in Sardinia.


Q: What is Hallmarking?

A: Hallmarks have been in use in England and France from approximately the 14th century to identify the pureness and type of precious metal(s) within an article. In the UK and many other countries, it is a legal requirement to hallmark articles containing precious metals if they are described as containing a precious metal.


Q: What is the difference between 800 Silver and 925 Silver?

A: The number relates to the minimum number of parts of silver per 1000 parts. At buttonera you will see silver collections are marked as either '800' or '925' silver. Jewellery stamped 800 is common in mainland Europe, especially with antique/ vintage jewellery. 925 silver is commonly called 'Sterling' silver.


Q: Why is not all silver used by buttonera 925 Silver?

A: Specific items of intricate filigree cannot be manufactured in a 925 grade of silver due to the delicacy of the craftsmanship. 

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